Social enterprises are purpose-driven organisations that trade to deliver positive social, cultural and environmental impact. They are often profit-making businesses, but they reinvest profit in their purpose. A good way to think about them is that they have the ‘mind of a business and the heart of a charity’. Read more about the term social enterprise, or see some examples below.


Video case studies

Meet three impressive social enterprises; Stay Native, Wellington Zoo and the Formary. These three video case studies were produced in the lead up to the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2018.


Meet some social enterprises

Over the years we’ve had the privilege to meet and work with many different social enterprises, each doing inspiring work to make as much positive impact as possible. Our diverse sector is always growing with over 3500 social enterprises in New Zealand and counting! Here is a small selection of social enterprises we’ve worked with recently.



Through a 90-day program, BBM helps people lose weight by unlocking motivation and building new habits.


The Cookie Project

Providing paid work experience to people with disabilities by baking cookies



Driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by mums.


DINE Academy

Offering senior high school students, community groups, vulnerable youth and long term jobseekers a pre-employment training programme.


Gap Filler

An urban-regeneration social enterprise that makes places more memorable, fun, surprising, equitable and sociable.


Humble Bee

Replacing existing, toxic and unsustainable plastics with superior, biologically-inspired materials to improve human health and that of the environment.



‘Good in the hood’ in Morningside, Crave addresses social poverty through their cafe and community venue that returns all profits to locals in need.



Making learning clear and simple for everyone with an online oasis of free tutorials to help students succeed in their exams


Make Give Live

Nurturing the wellbeing of people in their communities while crafting beautiful knitwear for you and people in need.


Predator Free 2050

Enabling predator control and eradication projects on a large scale, and the breakthrough science needed to underpin them.


Post Transition

Addressing some of the challenges faced by Military Personnel as they transition to civilian life both at home and in the workplace.


Case studies on The Impact Initiative

For case studies about some of the other inspiring social enterprises in Aotearoa, visit The Impact Initiative website. The Impact Initiative website is the home of the Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme, the three-year partnership between Ākina and the Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of the Government. The goal of the programme is to create the conditions for a thriving social enterprise sector. The programme is supported in partnership through the Community Enterprise Network Trust (CENT).

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