We’re economic change-makers working with social enterprises, charities, business and government. As New Zealand’s leading impact development organisation we’re using a range of tools to create meaningful change for people and our planet. We’re transforming our economy through:


Impact Consulting

Maximising the positive power of business.

We offer bespoke impact consulting services to a wide range of public and private sector organisations in New Zealand, and overseas. We work with government, corporate and philanthropic clients to develop their impact strategy. We help align businesses with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Identify and measure the impact they’re having on people and our planet

  • Develop a strategy to maximise their impact

  • Tell the story of their impact with confidence

For smaller ventures, we may be able to offer impact consulting services at reduced rates or as part of funding from business development services available in your area. See our FAQs to find out more about this.

For more information about our impact consulting services, please get in touch. We may be able to offer a complimentary discovery session to explore what impact means for your organisation.

Our Senior Impact Consultants are Clementine Baker, Chris O’Neill and Rowan Yeoman.


Capability Building

A place-based approach to super-charging social enterprises.

We’re establishing a network of social enterprise hubs throughout Aotearoa which will offer relevant capability support for the community and by the community. We’re currently doing this through partnerships with eight business support organisations in eight regions.

If you are from an organisation that could be interested in becoming a regional partner or you can offer local funding for this growing network, get in touch.

The Hubs Collective is being established through a pilot programme as part of the Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme. Find out more about the programme, including how to get involved, on the Impact Initiative website.

Our Director, Places and Networks is Hélène Malandain.


Social Procurement

Unlocking the collective impact of supply chains.

New Zealand businesses spend over $561 billion every year. This means that corporate and government supply chains offer a huge opportunity to create impact – by purchasing from social enterprises! Our procurement programme fwd: includes New Zealand’s first social procurement marketplace. Through the fwd: membership:

  • Buyers can access a wide range of certified social enterprise suppliers

  • Social enterprises are opened up to contract opportunities

  • Buyers and suppliers can access procurement advisory and support services

Find out more, or express your interest in becoming a buyer or a supplier on the fwd: website.

Our Director of Social Procurement is Dr Seán Barnes.


Impact Investment

Valuing social, environmental, and financial returns.

We’re working to shift value perceptions in our investment culture whilst creating opportunities for change-making enterprises to scale.

Impact investment is where investments are made for both a positive social or environmental impact and a financial return. Here’s how we’re making investment more impactful:

  • Establishing NZ’s first impact investing fund, the Impact Enterprise Fund

  • Growing investment readiness through Investment Readiness Grants

  • Offering fund arrangement and advisory services

Visit the Impact Enterprise Fund website to find out more about this fund. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Investment Readiness Grants, or investment advisory services please get in touch.

Our Director of Ākina Invest is Jackson Rowland.



We deliver enterprise and impact support services to partners and communities overseas. Our international work is mainly focussed on the Asia-Pacific region.

Ākina International is all about sharing insights and experience from Aotearoa, but it’s also about bringing learning from overseas back to support communities here at home. We deliver a range of support services internationally including:

  • Capability building and investment readiness

  • Business support and private sector investment

  • Research and market opportunities

Our approach is a nimble one, responding to opportunities based on the needs on the ground. We work with both New Zealand and foreign governments, as well as other international development organisations.

Our Director of International Development is Guy Redding.


The Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme

This significant three-year programme is a partnership between Ākina and the Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of the New Zealand Government. The partnership is supported by the Community Enterprise Network Trust (CENT). The programme kicked-off in April of 2018 and will wrap-up at the end of March 2021. Here are the outcomes we’re working towards:

  • A thriving social enterprise sector

  • Making it clear how social enterprise is contributing to government’s economic, social and environmental goals

  • Working with the Government to articulate what it needs to do to support the sector, during and after the programme

The best way to keep up with the programme is by keeping an eye on The Impact Initiative website. The Impact Initiative is the online home of the Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme. It includes significant reports, regular updates and more in-depth information about programme activity and goals.